Shutter Island

Shitter Island

As Leonardo Di Caprio sunk slowly out of sight into the murky ocean at the end of the hateful Titanic it was a victory for us all. And we silently prayed that by some divine intervention that it wasn’t staged, that the turgid fop really had perished in that freezing abyss, that, mercifully we had seen the last of him. Unfortunately, the irksome manchild was to star in a seemingly endless string of mediocre movies in the coming years, the most recent of which is the abominable Shutter Island.
That the film betrays its ‘twist’ ending within the first fifteen minutes means the audience is left to judge the film on its own (de)merits, of which there are strikingly few. The supporting cast is frighteningy weak and the plot holes are rife throughout, but this is of course grossly overshadowed by Di Caprio’s redundant portrayal of his ‘character’.
When the ending finally does arrive it is so laboured and insultingly drawn out that it may as well be a sequel, the obligatory ambiguous ending has about as much impact as a wet nappy and in fact just feels like a slap to the face.

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