Pearl Jam – Backspacer

Not to be confused with a rock band

Not to be confused with a rock band

Pearl Jam were only ever OK, surfing Nirvana’s mudslide before exploding into nothingness like Cobain’s skull fragments some time after Vs failed to enduce even a hint of passion from the public. So once again they poke their bony noses up through the earth to smell the stagnant air, sneezing out another CD shaped disappointment with it. Vedder was servicable on the ‘Into the Wild’ soundtrack with his sparse rambling, only silence would have been preferable.


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4 Responses to “Pearl Jam – Backspacer”

  1. ben Says:

    Dude your stupid…Pearl Jam was huge was always huge and is still huge…let me guess heavy radio airtime and lots of record album sales + tons of tours=what a great band..

  2. Leo Says:

    Apparently this one can’t get past the disappointment of his youth and fails to see that of all the “grunge” bands to come out of the Seattle area that Pearl Jam was the only one to have any lasting appeal. The only group to have had the balls to discuss tough subjects and to have the creative appeal that gave it the larger audience to be able to hear those story’.

  3. Andy B. in NJ Says:

    Dude, you are not only psycho, but you have no idea what Awesome music is. I genuinely feel bad for you. Pearl Jam IS in the top 5 bands of all time. You cannot argue the following, remember, we are talking “The Best”: 50’s = Elvis Presley, 60’s = The Beatles, 70’s = Led Zeppelin, 80’s = Metallica, 90’s … = Pearl Jam, 2000+ = music sucks today! Please comment guys – Help me out! Yes I know they are other Awesome bands in the decades, but these are the best of the best!!!

  4. mike marshall Says:

    Dude, you are an idiot. As good as Nirvana was, they’re songs were all basic chords with Kurt screaming over top of them. PJ has much more talent, no doubt about that.

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